PoSH Comm Editing Services
Copy editing and editorial review     (954) 298-2970

Editing Levels and per-page pricing (a page is defined as 275 words):

Level 1 – Copy edit for correct spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, numbers, capitalization, inconsistencies in prose and format, isms, erroneous statements (where readily and reasonably identifiable), flag items that may be legally actionable — $4

Level 2 – Line edit, Level 1 plus rework writing to active voice where required, cut or move paragraphs, establish order or continuity, rewrite weak passages, add transitions where needed, compare edited tone/voice/intent against original — $6

Level 3 – Level 2, plus source and fact check, submit for legal review and implement legal edits as necessary — $8

Book Editing – I also offer developmental and editorial services for authors. Writing a non-fiction book? Ready to publish an eBook to enhance client offerings, build credibility and authority in your field, or as part of your content marketing program? PoSH Comm editorial services can help you shine. Fees quoted per project.