PoSH Communications
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DISCLOSURE: I am the sole proprietor of PoSH Communications. All ideas and opinions expressed on this PoSH Comm website are my own. I act as an independent writer, editor, and marketing communications consultant providing services on a freelance or contract labor basis. I work for individuals and organizations, with all contracts customized to address client needs. I will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement, if required.

NOTICE: PoSH Communications (“PoSH Comm”) is the D/B/A of freelance writer, editor, and marketing professional Pat Short Hornsby, actively registered with the State of Florida (Fictitious Name Registration Number G01149900180and continually in business as same since 2001.

PoSH Communications is in no way affiliated with: Posh Communication of Glasgow, Scotland; Odyssey Media, Odyssey Media Group, Inc., Posh Communications LLC, or Posh Communications originated in any other U.S. state, or Posh Brands & Communications, their officers, employees, or affiliates.

If you have received unfamiliar charges to a credit account, appearing under the name of Posh Communications, please be advised such charges were NOT originated by me or my business. Please contact Stephanie Sears or Linda Dunn at 561-881-0351 if you have questions or complaints regarding unfamiliar credit card charges.