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Make PoSH Communications your outsource resource for writing and editing projects.

wordsmith \'wurd-smith\ n : a person skilled in using words
     We help people communicate
  •      specific messages
  •      to specific audiences
  •      for the purpose of reaching specific goals.

Does your business need a trained wordsmith or editor to to assist with important writing or marketing projects? Let us help you get your message in front of your best customers or stakeholders—on paper or online—as a complement to or in place of your in-house or agency services.

Since 2001, PoSH Comm has helped entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, in-house marketing departments, and PR professionals communicate effectively with professional writing and editing services. We're proficient in AP and Chicago style, and will closely follow (or help you develop) in-house style guides.

For special projects, ongoing campaigns, or crunch times when extra help is the difference between missing a deadline and making a great impression, PoSH Comm offers scalable solutions with contract writing and editing services. Whether your communications goal is to educate, engage, inform, motivate or persuade, PoSH Comm is here to help you achieve the desired result.

Why PoSH Comm?

Custom Copy
For every project, you'll receive customized content that is clear, correct, and appropriate to your audience, purpose, style and delivery method. Expect all original work, not a rework of content aggregators' or syndicators' products. We also offer SEO review, editing, and proofreading for your existing copy.
Cost Effective
Sometimes a full-service agency or PR firm is the best solution. But often, portions of your marketing, PR, or corporate communication programs can be handled just as effectively and with a faster turn-around by outsourcing. We'll listen carefully to your parameters and quote solutions that work within your time and budget constraints.
If we can't do it, we'll say so. When we refer you to someone who is better able to address a specific issue, it's because we've had positive experiences, not because we receive compensation. You'll only receive truthful feedback and constructive suggestions. We believe in honesty and fair dealing, and rely on your trust and satisfaction for referrals to others.